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We are currently experiencing issues with our online adoption applications. If you are interested adopting a greyhound please email our staff at staff@virginiagreyhounds.org

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one of our members will contact you.

VAGA Lends a Helping Paw to GPA-Greater Orlando

In this continued troubling state of the economy, our friends at GPA-GO continue to need our help and support. They can not afford to fill their crates to capacity due to the rising cost of vetting, feeding and caring for a full kennel. We are proud to say we are now in our seventh year of renting crates at the GPA Orlando Adoption Kennel so more kennels can be filled with greyhounds waiting for a forever home. VAGA has committed to full financial responsibility for the care of these greyhounds until they are adopted. These expenses include all vet work, food, meds and anything else that may be needed. For example, the cost to spay or neuter, with a dental, and vaccinations may cost upwards of $200 to $300 dollars not including unplanned expenses such as extractions, x-rays, blood work, or medication. Many times the greyhounds have extreme medical expenses due to a bad leg injury.

As you can see, VAGA goes into the red for every dog we place as the adoption fee does not begin to cover the expenses involved in bringing a greyhound home.Transportation of each greyhound to Virginia costs up to $75 per dog. This has been the biggest challenge we have faced over the years! It's amazing that we have been able to provide GPA-GO with this support for seven years. We could not have accomplished this without your help. Thank you! Please donate today so we may continue to help the greyhounds in Orlando. Only by working together can we save the lives of the many greyhounds who are depending on us. Monetary donations are always welcomed!"

An Easy way to Help VAGA

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Combined Federal Campaign (CFC)

Support VAGA with your CFC contribution in the National/Capital and Potomac areas. VAGA's number is 92439.

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VAGA's Federal Tax ID number is 01-0628018.



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