About Virginia Greyhound Adoption VAGA

Virginia Greyhound Adoption VAGA is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization with extensive experience placing retired racing greyhounds in loving homes. It would be our pleasure to introduce you and your family to the joys of owning a greyhound and we pledge to lead you through the adoption process and educate you in a non-intrusive, respectful, and professional manner. Our mission is simple: we want to place as many retired racing greyhounds as we can in permanent, responsible homes where they will get the love and care they truly deserve.

VAGA's Greyhounds

Because Florida has more greyhound race tracks than any other state, we feel it's important to lend a hand to the racers there. We have established a wonderful relationship with GPA Orlando and they provide us with 90% of our greyhounds. The expert volunteers at the Orlando adoption kennel offer the best screening program we've ever seen. Detailed personality and health records are kept on each dog, they are cat tested several times with a live cat to ensure the safety of your small pets, and no money is spared on medications or treatments for the well-being of the greyhounds.

The adoption kennel is ALWAYS full. As a result many dogs at the racing compound never find a place in the adoption kennel. For this reason, VAGA may take dogs directly from the race track compound — especially in a crisis. Please keep this in mind while looking at the Available Hounds link on our home page. If we don't have a match for you in the adoption kennel, we will search the racing compound on your behalf.

Your new greyhound is waiting for you in Orlando. All we need is a chance to find that dog for you. Please submit an adoption application today by clicking on this link.

Our Vision
Virginia Greyhound Adoption VAGA is dedicated to finding safe and loving homes for retired racing greyhounds, offering continual support to our adopters and members, and ensuring the health and well being of all retired racers here in the United States and around the world!
Our Mission

To work collectively with other greyhound adoption programs, as well as compassionate racing kennel managers and owners, who share our objective of placing ever-increasing numbers of retired racers in secure, devoted environments.

Our Goals
Public Awareness Encourage adoption via "Meet and Greet" events, successful placements, and other community interaction -- thereby spreading the word that greyhounds make wonderful and deserving companions.

Membership Support Educate greyhound owners about the breed, provide periodic updates on the most current health and wellness information, and encourage VAGA adopters and members to become involved as active volunteers within our organization.

Crisis Assistance Provide volunteer and financial assistance to greyhound adoption facilities in times of extreme crisis, especially our primary source kennels in Orlando. In times of financial crisis, we will provide health care supplies for a VAGA greyhound who would otherwise not receive proper care.

Look to the Future Establish and fortify collaborative relationships with reputable racing kennels expressly to improve the success of adoption efforts within the racing industry, thereby increasing the number of greyhounds saved each year.

PO Box 2059 Spotsylvania, VA 22553 (540) 661-6902staff@virginiagreyhounds.org