On your first full day together it’s important to begin “Alone Training”. Your new greyhound must learn how to be alone, that you will leave the house, that you will return, and that he is safe when he is home alone.
Put Racin’ Rover in his crate and without making a fuss, step outside the house for ten minutes. Make sure your dog can’t see or hear you. When you return, casually let him out of his crate…again, do not make a fuss. This must appear to be a very routine occurrence. Repeat this exercise several times a day, lengthening the time you are gone by 15 -30 minutes per session.

Do not give your dog the run of the house while you are gone. A crate is the safest option during this training period. Never lock a dog inside a room. You will return to a damaged door and maybe an injured dog.

Refer to Lee Livingood’s Retired Racing Greyhounds for Dummies for step-by-step instructions about Alone Training.