Love Your Greyhound Learning to love your greyhound and having him love you in return is one of the easiest things you’ll ever do. Greyhounds crave love and attention during their years working at the track. While trainers handle the dogs several times a day, they are not treated like pets. The day you’re introduced to your special greyhound is usually the beginning of a lifetime love affair for both of you.

Walk Your Greyhound To help put your dog at ease and to begin your relationship all you need to do is take your dog for walks. Walking your dog serves many purposes including bonding, relaxing, relieving pent-up energy and providing exercise for both of you. A 30-minute brisk morning walk will do much to alleviate separation anxiety.

Greyhounds never tire of leash walking. A fenced back yard is nice, but a leash walk is a thrilling adventure. You can’t walk your greyhound too often. Do take care to avoid burning tender foot pads on hot or freezing roads and paved walking trails. Keep your dog on the grass as much as possible until his pads have toughened up.

Feed Your Greyhound To help your new dog bond with everyone in the family, each adult should take turns feeding your greyhound. Put the bowl down and teach your dog to wait a few seconds and then release him to eat. This establishes your position as the dominant one(s) while earning your dog’s respect and love.

Pet Your Greyhound Petting, brushing and massaging your greyhound will earn you groans of pleasure. Whisper sweet nothings as you do this and he’ll be yours forever.