A Grinning Greyhound You’re just waking up a few days after adopting your first greyhound. To your horror you open your eyes to face a mouthful of teeth inches from your face. As you leap to your feet you notice your greyhound’s tail is happily wagging… What’s going on? It looks scary but you can relax. Your greyhound is greeting you with a big greyhound smile. Not all greyhounds smile, but if you’re the lucky owner of a grinning greyhound, you’ll be blessed with endless laughter and entertainment.

Collecting Other than a racing crate, your greyhound has never had its own belongings. He will learn to love his new toys, bed and blankets. You’ll smile when you discover your greyhound surrounded by all his toys (and maybe a thing or two of yours!) as he sleeps.

Nipping Some greyhounds get so happy and excited that they may nibble or mouth your arm. This love nibble should not be confused with a bite, but it should be discouraged.