We hope you will offer your greyhound the gift of patience. Please remember that your greyhound has lived most of his life in a crate / kennel. His life has been a constant routine with little variation. Overnight, your greyhound’s world has changed drastically. He must learn to climb stairs, walk on new surfaces, meet different breeds of animals, have a different potty schedule, and get accustomed to new foods, smells, and people. The list goes on and on! We know that it will only be a short time before your new greyhound realizes how wonderful this new life is going to be.

Your greyhound will be looking to you for security and guidance. You can help him by being calm, consistent, and confident. The more consistent and confident you are, the better and quicker he will adjust to the many changes you are throwing his way. Greyhounds are very intelligent dogs, and they generally adjust very quickly. Some greyhounds settle right into their new lifestyle as if they have always lived in a home, while others may take a few weeks. However long it may take your greyhound, you too will be discovering just how much your life has changed. The strength of the bond you will develop with your greyhound is one that will likely surprise you. You soon will discover what all greyhound owners know: There is something very special about this breed.