While socializing your new greyhound you’ll want to know how to watch your dog’s body language (and other dogs) for signs of stress. It’s very important for you to always keep your eye on your dog and pay attention to what his body is telling you.

Some obvious signs of stress are:

Tail curled under or tucked up under the stomach
Head is dropped low below the neck
Hackles (area at the base of the neck) are raised
Pupils dilated.
New places should be introduced while you are walking (not stopping and standing around talking). The walk is done at a quick pace; the dog is now in his comfort zone. A dog’s natural gate is one and a half times our normal step. Dogs that are walking take in the new environment and are much more comfortable accepting a new situation. For instance, when you arrive at a Meet and Greet hosted by a large store, briskly walk your dog around the store while talking softly to him. Take as much time as you need until your dog is relaxed. If an event is a good experience the first time, you’ll both want to return again and again.