If you work full time, try to adopt when you can schedule a three-day weekend. You and your new dog will need a few days to get to know each other as you work on house breaking and alone training.

If you have another dog at home, introduce them to each other outdoors on “neutral territory” and take them for a walk together before going inside. The longer you walk, the more comfortable they will be with each other. Do not leave your new greyhound alone with your other pets until they are comfortable with each other.

If you have cats, be sure your greyhound is muzzled when he enters your home.

Keep your greyhound on lead for the initial tour of your home. Watch closely for signs that he is about to urinate or move his bowels. If he needs to go, get him outside quickly.

Your greyhound is depending on you to teach him right from wrong. Begin training immediately so he will know what’s expected of him. Bad behavior should be stopped by a sharp vocal reprimand (Ack) and/or a stream of water from a squirt bottle.

It’s just as important for you to reward good behavior. A happy, high-pitched voice, especially if paired with a treat, will let your dog know that you are pleased with him. Carry treats with you on dog walks so you can reward your greyhound for “performing’.

For the first few hours your dog may pace, pant, and gulp water. These are all normal signs of stress and they will subside as your greyhound begins to relax and feel safe. Pick up the drinking bowl by 8 or 9PM so you won’t be up doing turnout at 3AM.