Once your new greyhound is settled and comfortable in his new home with you, take him for car rides, to the children’s sports events, family outings, camping, to home improvement stores, video stores, office supply stores, the bank, walks around the neighborhood, etc. Your dog NEEDS to be socialized… This is SO important. If you neglect socializing your greyhound, he could develop social problems that will make him extremely unhappy and frightened when he is out in public. At the every least, take your greyhound to several of VAGA’s Meet and Greet events each month. An hour or two a few times a month is a good investment in achieving a happy, well balanced and socialized pet.

It is important that your greyhound be allowed to meet other breeds of dogs. However, you must keep a close eye on both dogs for signs of stress and possible aggression. (Watch the dogs that come in contact with you so you can determine if they are a threat to your greyhound.) Keep your dog on a short, tight lead if either dog has a rigid raised tail, a stiff, quiet stance, is growling or snarling. Walk briskly away to avoid confrontation.

Keep an eye on our events page and join us as often as you can at our events and Meet and Greets. Your dog will thank you for it and you’ll make new friends and greyhound contacts too!