While you’re thinking about social opportunities, you should know that we’ve had several greyhounds attacked and injured at dog parks. Be aware that diseases and parasites may also be picked up there.

Our feeling on dog parks is conditional. Release your greyhound only if you’re familiar with the other dogs at the park. If unknown dogs are in attendance, watch them for signs of aggression before releasing your greyhound. Most importantly, can you stay focused on your dog and not on chatting with friends?

It’s a very good idea to attend dog parks at off-peak hours and arrange a play date with other greyhound owners in your area. (This is the kind of thing you can set up while attending Meet and Greets.) Always muzzle your dog when he is running with other greyhounds. They can nip at each other in the excitement of the chase.

Clean your dog’s feet as soon as you leave the park to prevent the chance of transmitting anything that may have been picked from an unknown source (errant pile of poo, for example). A baby wipe works well and can easily be kept in the car. Clean feet and avoiding the public water dish will help keep your dog healthy.

If you ever have any concerns about your dog’s safety, collect him immediately and leave the park.